Dongguan daxin embroidery co., ltd

Country/Region: China

Dongguan DaXin Embroidery Co., a privately owned Chinese company created in 2008, has a 100-person workforce. The business creates a wide range of embroideries at its site in the Guangdong province and produces between 4 and 5 million yards of embroideries for the lingerie, swimwear, and intimates markets. Products include allovers, braids, and floral, graphic, and geometric motifs embroidered on tulle, as well as embroidered laces, water soluble embroidery, and more. The Oeko-Tex certified company maintains strict environmental policies.

The integrated organisation encompasses a strong R&D team of around 10 people. Equipment includes electronic embroidery machines for 1 to 4, 6 to 8, and 12 inch motifs and 10 and 15 yard widths. Minimum order requirements are 2,000 yards.

The company prioritises working with companies that work in China and maintain either an agency or production unit in the country. Export represents two-thirds of its activity. Dongguan DaXin Embroidery has agents in Northern Europe (which accounts for 20 percent of sales), Eastern Europe (20 percent), South America (20 percent), and North America (20 percent). Leading American, English, and Russian brands are part of Dongguan DaXin Embroidery Co.’s client portfolio.

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