Break the distance limitations and meet the KOLs in Interfiliere Connect

25 August 2020

A team of experts dedicated and committed by your side to share their expériences and industry knowledge.

Lets preview the profile of the selected KOLs.



Jos is the CEO and founder of Concepts Paris,
the world’s only specialisedBodyfashionand Beachwear Design consultancy.
Her clients range from leading retailers and global brands to fabric manufacturers.
Since the 1990’s Jos has been fashion consultant to the organiser of the leading French lingerie fairs
and is the creator and manager of Eurovet’s iconic Interfilière fashion forums.



With decades of expertise in the fashion and design industry,
Vanessa has been passionately engaged in every aspects
related to trend decoding, color & design creation, market analysis and project management.
Vanessa is currently a trend forecaster for Eurovet, responsible for creative marketing,
trend forecasting on lingerie & swimwear, scenography, brand analysis  as well as inspiration tool creations.
Her unrivalled creativity in fashion and  unique insights of the constantly evolving market environment
have brought tremendous inspirations and solutions to not just Eurovet global trade shows but also the whole bodyfashion industry.



Aude Penouty is a fashion consultant specializing in innovative and sustainable solutions for intimate design and procurement.
Due to her multicultural background, she has become a cultural observer and has worked in 3 continents: Europe (Paris and Milan), the United States (New York) and Asia (Vietnam).
She has more than 14 years of experience as a fashion designer.
She cooperates with internationally renowned companies in the fashion industry: intimate brands, manufacturers, sourcing agents, trend bureaus and media.

In 2014, she founded Entada Textile Consulting in Asia, and then moved to France in 2018. Aude is passionate about new technologies and sustainable fashion. She pays close attention to the fashion technology community and obtained the certificate of the course in 2019. Solutions and problems related to luxury purchases, this is a diploma from the London School of Fashion.

As a designer, she has improved her self-cultivation through music, writing, dancing and traveling. Support her research through a series of unexpected books, visit important trade shows and multimedia resources to deal with everything from science to colors and patterns!


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