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28 February 2019

Following the launch of the first Professional Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology entirely focus on Sportswear and Activewear, HKDI-PEEC is opening the 2nd part of their programme.

The craze for Activewear has left the industry with a lack of talented professionals specialize in this new segment and well established retailer such as Target or GAP are struggling to hire their next talent.

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WHO should take this course? 

Fashion merchandisers, quality control technicians, visual designers, technical designers, product designers and those who are interested to join sportswear and bodywear design industry!

WHY should you take this course?

•  A Part-time Programme of Sportswear and Bodywear in Hong Kong
•  Lecture by industry experts in specific areas, such as Design, Merchandising,
Textile and Materials, Production skills and Management.
•  An Interactive Platform for students to learn the professional knowledge directly
from the industry experts thru lecture, workshop, group discussion, guest sharing,
factory visit and Skype meeting.
•  Most up-to-date knowledge and data from the industry beyond the books and web
•  Opportunity in job placement from a strong industry network

WHAT makes this course different?

•  The only Professional Diploma at QF level 4 in Athleisure and Intimate
recognized by government and employers in Hong Kong
•  Supported by ETSS (Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme), up to HK$45K
•  Those who completed PC in Fashion Design and Illustration or have
equivalent academic qualification can skip M2 and M3 of PC(A).
•  The PD graduates are eligible to apply top-up degree programmes from SHAPE

On completion of this programme, learners are expected to integrate fashion trend and sampling technology knowledge and skills in sportswear and bodywear design; create sportswear and bodywear collections presented in the form of design portfolio; and produce fashion sportswear and bodywear samples with technology support in the sample realization processes.

Learn more about the programme, click here

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