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12 August 2020

“Only with solidarity and a positive attitude, we can reinvent tomorrow.”  – Jos Berry

Rebuilding, rethinking, reshaping – a clean canvas to restart with intensity and commitment. Inspiration comes in all forms – we observe, we take and we start reconstructing tomorrow. In a time of immense suffering and climate breakdown, we are desperate for signs of life’s, and the lingerie industry’s, resilience. A chance to reshape a small piece of the world in our image of beauty. The forum is inspired by a sculptor’s atelier, dominantly white, the canvas for innovation.

This forum will be filmed and distributed by the new Interfilière CONNECT platform with a live commentary to the eager Interfilière community.

The 8 key trends of the season

To Unite

A longing for inclusion, embracing our differences, including every shape, pride in cultural heritage and the colours of our skins. Essential body basics, laces and new generation of super stretch in 5 different skin colours.

To Protect

Committed to protecting and cleaning up the environment. Supporting fibre research and learning about sustainability on every level, including improving livelihoods. From recycled yarns to the new science of bio-sourcing, vegetable dyes, cellulosic fibres, Seacell, hemp. Sustainable bodywear and beachwear. Bio elastics, knits, biodegradable cups.

To Breathe

The bond with nature, breathe in/breathe out, hearing song birds and insects, herbs, the smell of flowers, cornfields, field flowers, the garden as our sanctuary and to revitalise communities. Small florals, prints and delightful lace. Big revival of embroidery and pretty sleepwear prints. White grounds with small flowers and leaves in pretty colours.

To Escape

Filling the void and a desire of belonging and connection with real values. Acquiring long forgotten manual skills. Finding new purpose in baking bread, cooking, tea parties, making pottery. Heritage laces and embroideries. Simple cotton yarn dyes, fine cotton weaves and knits, gingham, PJ stripes, broderie Anglaise, crochet type lace. White, ecru, pastels.

To Meet

We are curious to discover and be inspired by other cultures and crafts, textile techniques, decoration and designs. We embrace and support small start-ups with the craze for straw bags and culturally inspired embroideries. We enjoy to protect local crafts. Brushstrokes, camouflage, batiks, sketches, animals. Beach & athleisure. The whole scale of beiges, browns, khaki.

To Energise

It’s the physical presence of others, and the opportunity to use our bodies in ways that matter. We are energising our physical and mental wellbeing. Walking, yoga, swimming, active holidays. Leggings, sweatpants, sport bras and hoodies are our essential parallel non-seasonal wardrobes. Swim, active, elastics with graphic designs and bright coloured geometrics. Coated fabrics, textured jacquards.

To Be Tempted

Sensual pleasures, inspiration and innovation of lingerie seductive highlights. Seductive fine laces, big exotic scented flowers. Reinvention for comfortable and multifunction. Ribbons, velvet plisse, sparkles, superfine laces, real and look-a-like Leavers, innovative big flowers, embroideries, laces, motifs. Black, red, pink, silver, gold.

To Shape

High technology and true innovations of construction technology. Functional beachwear becomes non-seasonal and permanent with shape, maternity and mastectomy essentials. Fabrics with innovative functional features, shapewear lace and engineered jacquards. High modulus, jacquards, 4D knitting.



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